It was while cycling around Paris that Anne-Sophie first hit upon the idea of designing bags and accessories suited for the rigours of daily travel. The next step was to sketch the lines of her first models, and identify suitable materials to make some prototypes.

So was born a first collection of practical and elegant models, made of vegetable-tanned leather and reflective materials, bags being effortlessly attachable and removable from luggage racks or handlebars. Perfect for those essential everyday items, an ann/so bag will be your dream companion day after day!


This first collection focuses on the essential: clean and functional bags; high-grade and durable materials; refined finishes. From design to distribution, a rational production philosophy and condensed logistics are hallmarks of the ann/so approach.

Ann/so products are designed to integrate into modern-day mobility trends, with a view to safety, security and practicality, irrespective of the day’s weather or other day-to-day constraints, but always in style and with elegance…


The secret is in the detail: vegetable-tanned leathers are rigorously selected in Italy for their resistance to the elements and their patina, which flourishes over time. Textile valances are coated with retroreflective PU (polyurethane). Flaps and fasteners use powerful magnets that facilitate access to bags. The fiberglass reinforced polyamide (PA) clip system allows the user to securely lock the bag on the luggage rack or handlebar, then cycle with an easy mind…
Last but not least, bags and accessories are made just a short distance from Paris, in the pure tradition of leather goods.